Our Partners
LA Urban Farms

Imagine being able to grow healthy, nutrient dense food in any climate, indoors and outdoors, using no soil and very little water. What if you could grow this food in half the time it takes traditional farmers? What could that mean for healthy food production in cities all over the country? All over the world? The amazing people at LA Urban Farms are making this idea into reality every day with their patented Tower Garden® aeroponic growing systems.

LA Urban Farms was founded by a passionate group of people dedicated to sustainability and creating healthy people and a healthy planet. They inspire people and companies to grow their own food and find the untapped potential of spaces around them. Their systems can be seen at some of LA’s best restaurants providing fresh produce to innovative chefs as well as schools like UCLA and USC and companies like The Honest Co. and Sunset Gower Studios.

The LA Urban Farms Tower Garden® systems can grow virtually any vegetable, fruit, herb and edible flower you can imagine! And they do all of this using 90% less water than traditional systems making them ideal for drought-heavy areas Like Los Angeles. They are portable and can be used indoors and out which means the farmer in Georgia and the farmer in California can both grow produce year-round!

We are proud to partner with LA Urban Farms and share their systems with communities in need around Los Angeles and beyond. Stay tuned for more details about our partnership and upcoming projects!

Schoolyard Farms

Schoolyard Farms is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to creating sustainable, mini-production farms that improve upon past models for school gardens. Their first schoolyard farm was started in 2012, at Candy Lane Elementary in Milwaukie, Oregon. The project was built on an underutilized portion of the grounds. In three years, some 400 students at the school have used the farm to grow more than 5,000 pounds of produce. The produce is used in the school cafeteria, and is also sold to the county’s Head Start program, local restaurants, and farmers markets. Revenue from these sales feeds back into the program. The farm also serves as a site for educational programming such as lessons in gardening and life sciences, and a summer camp program for elementary students.

Schoolyard Farms has recently expanded into a second farm at the New Urban High School in Milwaukie, Oregon! Monbrigo pledged its support to Schoolyard Farms with a $1,000 matching grant for their fundraising efforts. The funds raised for the New Urban farm have helped build farm plots, purchase seeds for planting, create on-site education programs and more. Ground was broken in February 2016 with plants cropping up in April and the farm will be in full swing for the 2016-2017 school year! Check out their website for more information!


Ourfoods is a non-profit organization dedicated to building community resilience through food. From inspiring youth to pursue pathways that address the challenges of our modern food system to vocational training programs, Ourfoods has proven to be a champion of the urban food movement.

In association with Ourfoods, Monbrigo sponsored the installation of three Nano Farms as part of Ourfoods' Farm Labs program in L.A. area schools. The Farm Labs, sponsored in part by Boeing and the USC Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies, is an interdisciplinary program that focuses on a "learn-by-doing approach" to engage and educate students and teachers alike. Monbrigo has chosen three participating Los Angeles-area high schools to receive the “desktop” Nano Farms that will augment the existing Farm Labs programming and allow greater student and faculty participation. Monbrigo is delighted to work with Ourfoods to help support the important and empowering work they do for our community. See their website for more details!