Father's Day

This weekend Monbrigo salutes dads everywhere in honor of Father’s Day! Dads, step-dads, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, husbands, friends; Father’s Day is a celebration of the men in our lives and those of our children. So take this time to acknowledge the men who have made an impact in your life!

Did you know that the creation of Father’s Day is credited to Sonora Smart Dodd? She was the daughter of a widowed-Civil War veteran and helped her father raise her 5 brothers after the death of their mother. Having heard of the newly created Mother’s Day holiday Sonora thought that fathers should be honored with their own holiday as well. She worked with the local YMCA, churches and businesses in Spokane, Washington to create the first Father’s Day celebrations in June 1910. The month was chosen to honor her father’s birthday which was also in June.

Did you know that dads are the original hipsters? This hilarious site can offer proof.


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Did you know that the classic necktie is no longer the most common gift for dads? According to MarketWatch, automotive accessories are expected to top the charts of fatherly gifts this year. This handy infographic from Mashable says otherwise but can tell you about gift trends from all over the country.