Bridging the Gap

As a part of our inaugural project with A Place Called Home (APCH), we are excited to be working with master gardener Dan Allen and his team at Farmscape, California’s largest urban farming company. Together with Farmscape, we will be creating an amazing garden space at APCH, to be used in conjunction with their excellent nutrition and gardening programs.

Farmscape’s goal is “to connect city dwellers with fresh, organic produce through a network of urban farms, while creating living wage jobs for the new generation of farmers.” To date, they have installed more than 500 urban farms and gardens and oversee the maintenance of more than 200 plots. Farmscape designs, builds, and maintains beautiful raised-bed gardens for residential and commercial use. The work they do and the goals they pursue are a wonderful match for Monbrigo and for APCH! By bringing the techniques and skills of the rural farmer to our urban landscape, we city dwellers can begin to bridge the gap that exists between us and our food.