Mother’s Day: A celebration of our first teachers

“Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love.”
- Stevie Wonder

At Monbrigo we spend a lot of time and energy thinking about children and families. In many families the mother is the heart and soul, the one whose love and care binds everyone together. As Mother’s Day approaches we think it is important to honor mothers of all kinds and, of course, our own mothers! We have compiled some favorite quotes about mothers as well as our thoughts on the moms in our own lives.

“I love the saying ‘Our mothers are our first teachers.’ I find this to be true with my own mother and even more so as I watch my wife around our two children. We learn and become so much of who we are through our mother's daily love, humor, discipline and intelligence.” - Bryson Reaume, Founder and CEO of Monbrigo

“A mother is always the beginning. She is how things begin.” - Amy Tam

“From how to apply lipstick to applying for a job, my mother was a constant source of knowledge. Her intellect made me want to be smarter, her compassion made me want to help others, her love made me think I could do anything.” 
   - Lauren McCutcheon, Operations Manager at Monbrigo

“I realized when you look at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know.” - Mitch Albom

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