Pro Tip: Health and Wellness Tips, Tricks and Hacks

No doubt most people today are surrounded by articles, books and stories relating to health, wellness, fitness, ecology, urban farming, you name it! Some items are helpful, some are ridiculous and most fall somewhere in between. Too often these ideas, recipes and efforts are focused on the few rather than the many. Health education and good eating habits are an important part of Monbrigo’s mission and we want to share these ideas with families and kids all over America! Below are a few interesting and helpful articles on your own health, ideas and activities to try out. Let us know if you have any great tips, tricks or articles to share!

Did you know the CDC says only 9% of Americans eat their daily recommended values of vegetables?!?

Whole Foods provides quick and easy nutrition tips for parents. 

How to help kids create and maintain healthy habits from the American Heart Association.

One easy and affordable way to get your greens. Definitely beats paying for cold-pressed juices! Image via 8Greens

One week of eco-friendly choices in your kitchen! Image via The Chalkboard Magazine.

For Parents Only: Get your fruit with these delicious DIY margarita recipes! Image via The New Potato

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