Easter: The Food, The Photos, The Holiday

As of this past Sunday, Spring is officially here and with it comes the Easter holiday. Easter is a funny kind of holiday. For some families it is a grand affair with extended family and elaborate glazed hams or hot cross buns while for others it is a laid-back Spring day of eating one-too-many Cadbury eggs. The types of foods made, the candies preferred, the egg hunt methods employed all vary and make each family’s Easter a little bit different.

The most traditional edible elements of the holiday is, of course, the egg. Colorful dying of eggs, hunting for eggs, and eating the eggs, the whole day revolves around these delicious symbols of Spring. The practice of decorating eggs dates back to the Middle Ages and the idea of a bunny bringing eggs can be traced back to folklore brought by German immigrants settling in Pennsylvania in the 1700’s. Hard-boiled eggs and their various recipes can be a great, healthy snack on a day otherwise filled with candy. Modern updates of the classic recipe abound and can be a fun way to get the family to cook together.

Based on a half-century of family photos, pastel clothing and front-yard poses are one aspect of the Easter holiday that most families seems to have in common! We can personally attest to having posed for photos on the front lawn  in our Sunday best throughout the 80’s and 90’s. Whatever your family’s recipes and traditions may be, we hope you have a very Happy Easter!


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